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Points to consider while hiring your building contractor


When you have a full-fledged construction project in hand, the next step is to identify your prospective building contractor to execute it. Your dream project majorly depends on the efficiency and experience of the contractor as he can easily make or mar the situation. It is important to be diligent about making the right choices as the contractor will be closely working with you for the next few months and the comfort level and understanding of what exactly you want is a priority.

Make a list of prospects

Depending on the size of project, you can check out with your friends and family for a list of references.

Make quick calls

A list of queries made can help decide. Whether the contractor has experience in similar projects, his years of experience and the time he would take to complete it. Ask for a few clients or projects they have completed that ensures quality work. Enquire to see if they are legally authorized to work in your state can give a fair idea about the contractor, helping you short-list three or four contractors for further scrutiny.

Meet them for a discussion

A checklist of all the responsibilities they would undertake before the contract is signed. They are,

  • Giving an estimate and bid for the project
  • Hiring subcontractors for various jobs
  • Securing necessary permits and inspection scheduling
  • Buying raw materials and disbursing wages for employees
  • Preparing a schedule for workers to give prompt delivery
  • Complete supervision of progress and troubleshooting problems on the site.

A face to face can give you clarity on the intentions and the genuineness of the contractors where decision making is easier for you.

Visit former clients or projects

A little probing will do you good. Talking to former clients will help in getting more confidence about the contractor and his style of work. Visiting the site can make sure that the work done is of expected quality. Further, investigation can reveal the safety measures used at the site, the kind of environment the workers work and lastly, how they treat the property they are working now.

Request for bids

With the best contractors in town being shortlisted, you do not have to look further. Request them to send their quotations and bids for the project. A good and efficient building contractor would get as many details from you as possible to give you the right bid keeping in mind what exactly you are looking for in the process of building a structure. This contractor is definitely a winner! Also, to help you compare the bids, ask the contractors to split up the bid into material costs, labor cost, etc. Comparing different bids at this point of time gives more insight.

Do not opt for Low cost bids

Contractors who are compromising on quality or desperate for a project go very low. Never choose low bidders. Do not hesitate to go for a slightly higher bidder.

Generally, all these details and information help you to pick out the best building contractor. Whether you are going to build a massive dream project or just renovating and extending an old structure, you must feel comfortable communicating with your building contractor and he or she is receptive to taking your ideas all the way! A successful project depends on the right contractor for the project.

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